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Saturday, May 1, 2010

TIK TOK & Super Bargain Saturday

Hello!Today is super bargain saturday and it is realy great saturday!Only for today i set my last Lola skin with all make ups in all skin tones just for 60 lindens each!!!!!!Its so great!Dont miss it!Never be the same again!



It is me again!

I like this look with Maria skin from Iren with freckles.I love freckles!!!!I wear it with Cherry blossom from TIK TOK, shirt(very springy)from Mr.Poet.Its male shirt but i wear)and like it)Also i wear jeans from Emery,bra from there too ......aaaaaaand....tadaaaam!!!!I wear new boots from Juicy!!!It named Juicy Victorian Ankle Boots!Comes in 4 colours.retexture scripted so you can play with laces etc.There are many colours in menu!love it!
Here you can see all colours)

And it is cherry blossom to see better)Heh

Boots-Juicy Victorian Ankle Boots -


Mouth accesories-TIK TOK-Cherry Blossom-

Hair-Maitreya Piper - Blacks Pack-

Shirt-::[ Mr.Poet ]::Hakka printed cloth coat-

Bra-Emery - Bra Black-

Jeans-Emery - Denim Quarry #02-

CUPCAKES- Embrace skin review

Hello!This is amazing skin Embrace from Cupcakes!It comes in a few soft skin tones from light to dark.All skin tones are creamy and nice.I will show you Embrace in Glow tone.
Here all make ups for Embrace.Ill show 3 fat packs.All are very pretty!Each make up come with and without freckles and few brow bases so you can wear what you like)Ill show you different freckles and non freckles variations)

Look!All they are very nice!Face and body of Embrace are very clear.without seams etc.Please click image to make bigger because you can see it better this way.I think skin creator made a realy great work!And all of you can find here something yours.Get your demo)
And here few accessories from my store TIK TOK;)

I like it so much!

All skins are-Cupcakes- Embrace - Glow(3 fat packs)
Mouth Accessories-TIK TOK-Ladybugs -
Necklace-TIK TOK-Blossoms set(also include earrings)-
Hair- Maitreya Piper - Blacks Pack-
dress-[SC] Surf Couture - Colleen - Palm-
Leggins-[SC] Surf Couture-Yoga pants-